Saturday, 15 December 2012

Vodka bucket

I always find it difficult to think of presents for the men in the family, especially as they are supposed to be more of a token gift and I like to make something.
So, after a failed effort at making a christmas vodka, which was a disaster, I had a hunt round on the internet and found Skittles vodka.
Now, when I say a token gift this actually turned out to be much more expensive than I intended, but I am pleased with it nevertheless.

I bought 2 bottles of vodka (and then ended up buying another for topping up) and 3 large bags of skittles, and sorted them out into colours. I divided the vodka between 6 empty water bottles and added the sorted skittles. Now you might have noticed the first mistake. There are actually only 5 different colours of skittles, and I would have probably been better off sticking to that, but as I had sorted out 6 vodkas I decided to get more skittles and make a different colour by mixing yellow and green.

Once the skittles had dissolved I filtered out the gunk and put the coloured vodka into nice bottles for presentation. Sounds simple, took blooming ages! I used a funnel and coffee filters but it took a while to do, and most colours needed at least 2 goes to get all the residue out, some took 4 or 5.
So, the problems...

I didn't really have enough skittles, could've probably done with a couple more bags. The orange one was almost clear so I cheated with a bit of orange squash. The green one and the green and yellow ones are different colours, but only just. The red one and the blackcurant ones are very similar in colour too. However they do taste good, and look good too :)

I put them into small wine bottles, the 'individual' ones you can buy. They had them on offer for 99p in Tesco and the wine inside wasn't bad!! It was actually cheaper to do it that way than to buy empty bottles believe it or not, honestly :)

I found the metal buckets in Homebase, put bubble wrap in the bottom and stood the bottles on top. Then I found some re-usable ice-cubes, added a couple of vintage shot glasses and a bag of skittles and wrapped it all up with some cellophane from the card shop and voila...

The quantities I bought made 3 buckets like this.


  1. You found he skittle vodka idea on the Internet, did you?? Cough cough!! Lol. They look fab! Xx

  2. Ok strictly speaking you mentioned it first, but you didn't know any more about it than that you'd heard of it and it had vodka, and skittles lol. I had to research too :)