Monday, 24 December 2012

Almost done

I have now quilted round each block, and along each border line and added the binding. This was after a mad dash to the nearest wadding stockist as I suddenly realised I didn't have enough!

So first I pinned the layers together using lots of pins.

I mean LOTS of pins!!
I know some people like to tack instead of pin, and I know that some people like to do both and I have tried both ways but for me just pinning works well. I do use lots of them and try to pin in areas where they won't get in the way. I know they can be a pain, but I've tried tacking and found that if I'm not careful I can undo my sewing when I pull the tacking stitches out. Each to their own, I suppose.

 Looking at it objectively I think it needs a lot more quilting, especially in the sashing areas and at the joins between the blocks. This is because it doesn't lie as flat as it could do (all my fault, I haven't been careful enough, but quilting can hide a multitude of sins!) I do intend to do a little more hand quilting at least, and yes I know that should all be done before the binding is added but I want to hang it for christmas! I'll see how much I can get done this evening and then leave it till next year!

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