Thursday, 13 December 2012

Remember this...

This cute little thing is actually a cream eyeshadow. I use it very occasionally, being gold, and sparkly I don't really have much cause to use it everyday! Anyway I fished it out from the depths of a drawer but unfortunately it's all dried up and unusable now. This got me to thinking about how old it must be. I bought them for christmas table presents for the girls in the family when everyone came round to dinner before I had Adam.  Adam is now 13, and I definitely didn't buy it the year before he was born so it must be at least 15 years old now.  No wonder it was all dried up! I wonder if anyone else still has theirs?
I might add I now no longer have this one. I had decided to throw it away and it had got as far as the kitchen table. I left it there while I was out and when I got back the dogs had got hold of it, opened it and had a lick, or two.  Obviously doesn't taste that good either :)

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