Thursday, 20 December 2012

Still stitching-a-long

First I have an apology, or 2, to make!

I didn't mean to upset anyone at Homespun with my comments on the stitch-a-long project so I hope no-one took any offence. I certainly never thought of sending my comments in as I wasn't intending to imply that I knew best. I was just trying to put forward a different way of doing things not trying to 'go behind their back' in any way.
Which leads to my second apology. To Kelley! Who followed my instructions, got in a terrible mess, and ended up unpicking everything and then doing it the proper way!!

Anyway, this is how I'm getting on.
First I put together the corner squares, properly, exactly as instructed, with 2x2 1/2" rectangles stitched to 2 opposite sides of each coloured square, then 2x5 1/2"rectangles stitched to opposite sides.

Then I joined the coloured squares in strips with the remaining rectangles.

I didn't make any special effort to put squares in any particular order. I just put the whole lot in a pile, then picked them at random simply making sure that the next square I was going to add wasn't the same as another one too close to it. I did all the four together, sewing 'factory style' by which I mean that I sewed a square and rectangle together, then another then another then another, all without cutting the thread, then I added another square to the first pair, then the next pair then the next etc etc so I was sewing all for border strips at once, rather than completing one and then moving to the next. And yes, that is an ironing board, shh don't tell my husband, I don't think he knows I know what one is!!
Then I stitched a long strip to the top, and then to the bottom of each set of squares. I didn't bother to measure, just stitched and then trimmed the ends afterwards.
And thats the end of my photos. I have attached all the borders now, following the instructions, and everythng fitted beautifully  Phew! Now I am ready to layer up and then quilt. Then the biggest problem of all is going to be findidng somewhere to display it!  I know the finished size was given but I don't think it actually registered lol

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