Friday, 7 December 2012

Quilt centre finished

Ok, it's a poor picture I know,but the centre is finished.

Before I go any further though there are a couple of issues that I thought you ought to know about.  Firstly the very first block has to be trimmed to 10 1/4" x 10". It doesn't tell you that on the initial pattern or in the magazine but it does tell you on the final instructions pattern. Now, I copied the pattern for this block directly onto the fabric from the magazine pullout, and I found that in a couple of places my stitching overlapped where I needed to cut. So in order to not cut into my stitches and risk the whole lot coming undone I trimmed the straight edge where it needed to be with a rotary cutter and ruler up to the overlapping bits, but then trimmed around my stitches with a pair of scissors. It would have been helpful if I'd thought to take a photo of that but unfortunately I didn't. This meant that in one or 2 places the straight edge was now more notched than straight but when I started assembling the blocks these notches disappeared into the seam.

Secondly the patten instructions seem to have missed a step on unit three of the assembly. You also need to add a strip of the sashing fabric along the top of the Glory of the Lord block after stitching the strip to the right hand side of it. This enables it to fit properly to the bottom of unit two when you come to fit the quilt centre together. (OR you could add a strip to the bottom of unit two, same end result).

Can I just say though that I think the whole pattern is brilliant, and I love the idea that it has been a stitch-along, with thousands of people all working together on the same project all around the world. I also love Homespun Magazine and think thy have been incredibly generous sharing this with us for free online. I just wanted to make that clear in case anyone thought I was being unduly critical of the whole thing. That isn't the case at all, I simply wanted to point out these small errors in case anyone else was confused :)


  1. Mmmmm I should have read this before trimming my blocks this evening!! I've cut through my stitches. Oops. X

  2. Lynne - thanks for your feedback on the assembly instructions. I'll check the missing step and have it added in. Looking forward to seeing a photo of your completed quilt. I do hope you'll send one in for publication in the magazine's Readers' Showcase pages.

    Megan Fisher
    Technical Editor
    Australian Homespun