Thursday, 13 December 2012

Shame I can only speak English!!

Would love to have a go at these.


  1. Looked it up on Google translate. This is what I got.

    "you liked this tree,
    so here is how.
    I used thick cotton for a soft effect,
    and the work is fast with this thread.
    I tested with smaller wire No. 3

    the result is not as nice and the work is longer.

    You can also double single yarn with yarn hair."

    Crochet stitches around the ring and follow as below

    meshed,meshed, single turn, single turn one in three, half flanges

    Glue the rings increases by size

    a fourth small ring used to secure the foot below.

    For this tree I added white wool for snow,

    by crocheting a mesh 1ms 2 ml

    1 sl next stitch,

    next stitch 2ml 1 ms,

    etc. ........

  2. preumsbly google translate doesnt understand crochet! The narrative parts make sense, just can't nderstand the parts we need. Maybe a bilingual person will read this and come to our aid. Hope so cos there are some lovely things on this blog.