Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wavy ripple blanket

I saw this over in Lucy's Attic a while ago and wanted to have a go but  have been dithering about colours. I finally started it a few days ago but didn't like my colour choice - luckily it was all from my stash so I hadn't been and bought it specially, it will get used at some point. I then decided to do a coastal blanket with sort of blues, sands, white, grey etc etc but didn't have the wool and wasn't really confident enough on how it would look to go and buy some more. So...I decided to go back to my very first plan of some time ago and do a rainbow version.

Finally made a start although I have made a slight alteration, which I think will make the ripples a bit more, well, ripply! I've increased the number of plain stitches in between the increases/decreases to 6. It remains to be seen how much of a difference it will actually make!

Also because I have started this several times I was a bit fed up with counting the chains for the foundation so to be a bit lazy I began a chain with a different length of wool and then started doing the foundation row into that as I was going. I joined the wool I was going to crochet with to the beginning chain, then made 3 starting chains, did 1 treble into the first of the starting chains and then carried on  down the rest of the foundation chain following Lucy's instructions. Not sure if this sounds very clear,

or if this picture makes it any clearer!! :)

Also, talking about buying wool specially, I fell in love with the japanese flower scarf in Lucys attic too (I had a day in bed with a cold earlier in the week and spent most of it in Lucys archives!). I did sort out some wool which I thought would do, made a couple of the flowers by following links to a diagram, yes I followed a diagram, and actually managed to join-as-you-go, but it just wasn't right. I was disappointed that it wasn't looking as nice as Lucy's. So after an internet search for the best buys I am now eagerly awaiting the postman.......I'll keep you updated :)

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