Saturday, 12 January 2013


Lying in bed the other night I had an idea, as you do, and couldn't wait to get stuck in (before I forgot all about it and it languished forever, unmade, along with all the other ideas which were really great at the time...).

Now I can't understand why he made such a fuss about putting it on his bedroom door, I can't see why its uncool for a 13 YO boy, but then I'm not a 13 YO boy I suppose. Anyway I insisted, although I did mollify him somewhat by telling him it was a prototype, the first ever, and it was all his!! I think it worked, well he stopped moaning anyway, and he hasn't taken it down yet even though I insisted on it being on the outside so I can see it too !!

Anyway, it took a few attempts, but here it is...

(not on the door, obviously, its too dark in the hallway to take a photo)

and close-up.....I have great plans for this idea, I'll keep you updated.

And just look at this bunch of loveliness..

Now this was a leap of faith in Lucy over in the attic. As I mentioned a few days ago I saw the Japanese flower scarf over on her blog and fell in love with it. I tried it in wool from my stash but it was only ok, not fab, so I took the plunge and ordered the wool she used, over the internet, without seeing/stroking it first. All I can say is WOW!! The photo doesn't do this justice at all, the colours are beautiful and it is sooooo soft! It isn't even much of a problem that I haven't got time to do anything with it for a few days - it looks lovely just as it is, and I can have a stroke every time I walk past it.

I also have a HUGE thank you to make to a lady called Judy over in her Very Fine House. I have been following her blog for a whileand was browsing there the other day and it was her who rekindled my interest in Lucys scarf. I have seen loads of very interesting and inspiring things there including her beautiful Museum Medallion Quilt which I discovered purely by accident on someone elses blog! It is a stunning quilt, a quick google image search for museum medallion quilt should show you exactly what I mean! I can't wait to make a start on this, especially as Judy has been kind enough to send me a copy of the pattern. Once I get myself organised I intend to do a pastel version, mainly hand pieced. Great to sit in the garden with when summer gets here. April 20th and 21st, I think is earmarked for summer this year! lol


  1. Googled the Museum thing, and I lLOVE it!!! I bet mini versions would make ab place mats!

  2. You need to see the sizes of the pieces before you make rash statements like that! ;)

  3. Oh, and the comment about Adam was said very tongue in cheek, I know exactly why he didn't want it on his door! It didn't stop me putting it there though, or stop him complaining when I took it down lol.