Monday, 2 June 2014

Saturday, Sunday (and Monday!) sewing

On Saturday I discovered a new blog here written by Amy. She has some lovely thing not least some really cute flat teddies, which she gives a link to for the pattern.
I was VERY taken with these teddies, I started 2 on Saturday afternoon for no other reason than I really liked them. I didn't get to finish them but I was so enthusiastic about them that I was up and on my sewing machine by 7:00 Sunday morning! I spent an hour machining but had no more time yesterday to finish so as you can imagine this morning my little fingers were itching to go, and ta dah!!.........

How seriously cute are these little teds? They are bigger than I expected somehow, about12"/30cm tall including their little tags, and I added a couple of little extras to Amy's fab design too. And I LOVE them. I love their squashy feel and their 'grabability', I love how simple they look! and I REALLY love......

the personal touch ;)

These will be available to order, assuming I can bear to part with them,( pardon the pun!), over here on our Facebook page.

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