Saturday, 2 February 2013

Next step

Now you need to layer your wadding and square of fabric together, and then put in place, wrong side down, in the middle of a circle with the wrong side up.

Then fold and pin the circle onto the square, making sure the sides are even all the way round.

Then stitch in place with a small running/quilting stitch all the way round, taking a few small stitches at the corners to fully enclose the square.

The stitches should go right through the fabric to the back, and no, your eyes aren't going, the photos are of two different blocks!

 And there you go, one block made, backed and quilted, all in one go.  Just another 21 more to finish.

But first I need to go and make tea. Mushy pea curry today! Yes sounds disgusting but it is actually really nice, cheap and very easy to do! (and completely free on slimming world extra easy!)

You need an onion, chopped, more if you wish.  Fry gently in frylight and add spices to taste (none at all if you don't like spicy food!) I add a couple of teaspoons of hot curry powder, 3 or 4 teaspoons of garam masala, some garlic, some chilli paste, salt, pepper and ground chilli flakes, it really is a case of addying whatever you want.
Then add, wait for it, 2 tins of mushy peas, the cheaper the better, a tin of tomatoes, and a tin of baked beans. I mash the beans first, I like the taste but don't like them looking at me! Mix everything together and add some diced chicken, or more veg, or diced lamb or beef, or prawns. Again whatever you fancy, it is a very versatile recipe.
Leave to simmer gently until the meat/fish/veg is cooked, then serve with rice or chips. Looks a bit odd, quite like chip shop curry sauce, but tastes much better.

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